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Frequently asked questions


What is my username?
It is exactly the same you use for https://eysharepoint.etihad.ae
Note: Most likely it will be first letter of the first name and last name. For example, if your name is John Smith, your username will be: jsmith.



What is my initial password?
It is exactly the same you use for https://eysharepoint.etihad.ae
Note: Passwords are case sensitive and initial password is all uppercase

3. What is my e-mail ID?
Your e-mail ID will be username@eycrew.ae
For example, if your name is John Smith and your username is jsmith, your e-mail ID will be jsmith@eycrew.ae

4. Why do I have to change my password after I log on for the first time?
For security reasons you will be required to change your password as soon as you log on. In addition, every 60 days you will be asked to select a new password.

5. Can I access my e-mail from every part of the world?
Yes. Simply type www.eycrew.com and you will be able to log on.

6. Am I able to send messages and files to friends and family outside Etihad?
Although you are able to, you should avoid doing so. Remember this is a corporate e-mail and should be used for corporate purposes. Personal matters should be handled through your personal e-mail account.

Please take the time to read the usage policy located at www.eycrew.com to understand all rules and regulations regarding this new tool.

7. Am I required to check my Etihad e-mail every day?
Important messages will be constantly sent to your e-mail and no longer forwarded to your mailbox as before. For this reason, you should make an effort to check your inbox as frequently as possible.

8. Who should I contact if I have problems accessing my e-mail or using the e-mail functionalities?
Please call Etihad IT Helpdesk at 02 5112233 or email ithelpdesk@etihad.ae. However, before you do so, take the time to go through the demonstration located at www.eycrew.com or the user guide you can go to by clicking HER E. You just might find the answers you need.